The New Look

Dior had his new look, and now Reginae Hats does too -- though it's more of a digital one!

Construction of any kind always takes longer than expected, whether building a house, remodeling a kitchen, or designing a new website.  I completely fell into that conundrum. Hopes for a new website by New Year's Day were dashed, and a few pesky final adjustments held back a proper launch on Groundhog's Day (which I think would've been rather cute!). 


But I'm happy to be able to give word that all is up and running before Valentine's Day! Hooray!

So please check out the new website, along with a new Etsy page for easy ordering. Plus I'm showcasing some new designs along with the Reginae classics.

Aside from a fun design, this website and the shop feature a very special addition -- superb photos by the wonderful Judy Schiller, also known as Foto Queen.  

Wishing you and those special to you a very happy Valentine's Day!